Prolong the life of your vehicle by getting it serviced at least every 12month. It can reduce the risk of breakdowns and reduces depreciation of the value of your vehicle.

Every 6000 miles/ 6 months - Oil & Filter Service

- Regular oil maintenance is recommended by manufacturers so engine is always running at its best, this service is recommend for drivers who use their vehicles more on an everyday basis

Every 12,000 / Every year - Oil & Filter Service

- If your vehicle does less than 6,000 miles per year a full service /interim service. Many motorists alternate between the two types of service however it is always important note that your oil needs to be changed every year also to prevent engine damage.

Wheel Alignment

If your wheels aren’t aligned properly it can lead to excessive tyre wear which will affect the handling of your vehicle.
To get the most out of your tyres it is advised to get your wheel aligned at least every 6months, it can give you up to 12,000 more miles out of your tyres and increase fuel efficiency
At Walsall tyre centre we provide

Free Alignment Checking

HD Camera Wheel Alignment

Wheel Balancing

experienced vibration through the steering wheel above certain speed. Once the wheel has been run on the machine it then indicates where counter weights are to be fitted to the rim. Once fitted you should then have a smoother ride vibration free.

Alloy Refurb

  • Repair damaged to wheel
  • stripped and shot blasted.
  • powder coated in any colour
  • given a clear stove top coat
  • Tyres is then refitted and then balanced.

Alloy Refurbishment takes 2-3days and other alloys have to be sourced by the customer during the refurbishment process

Caliper Respray

We can have the caliper resprayed in any colour to suit you .The paint used would be heat resistant.

All services are available for enquirie by phone on 01922 709379 and by visit us at our Walsall Branch Unit 2 Bridgeman Street, Walsall